happy labor day

Work For Mast Heating & Cooling

To paraphrase the words of the late Johnny Olson:

“Come on down, the job is right!”

Johnny was the famous studio announcer on the “Price is Right” game show in the 70’s and 80’s. Maybe our parody of his “come on down” catch-phrase is a little weak, but we’re trying to make a point. On this Labor Day, many people are questioning the job they have now and whether it will provide for their future. As we celebrate the American worker, Mast Heating & Cooling wants you to know our industry is a great career choice, and is in great need of talented people.

We’ve heard the well-established reports about the shortage of skilled workers and it represents a great opportunity to make a career for yourself without a four-year college degree. Additionally, you can start without being saddled by thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Most entry level HVAC technician jobs require one or two years in a trade school.

Mast Heating & Cooling invites you to tell us about yourself by filling out an application on this website. If you have the right “stuff,” you can become a member of an amazing team. Our employees, both in the office and in the field, are the lifeline between the company and our clients. As a result, Mast Heating & Cooling has a great employment package to attract the right candidates. What we need from you is a strong work ethic, and a clean background check and drug test.

What you receive is the chance to work with the top HVAC company in Southwest Michigan. Mast Heating & Cooling has been serving our clients heating, cooling, and marine HVACR needs in Grand Rapids, Holland, and all points between since 1956.

Along with all the other benefits comes job security. Working in HVAC is virtually recession proof. How can we be so sure? For one thing, consider the growing trends of energy efficiency and pollution reduction. The industry is already dealing with the phase out of older refrigerants because of environmental damage. It’s going to take skilled air conditioner technicians to upgrade and replace the millions of units already in use.

So really, listen to what Johnny Olson used to say to the studio audience; come on down and check us out and you just might find the right job for you. When you learn more about the benefits Mast Heating & Cooling employees receive, chances are you will be pleasantly surprised at the life and the future you can build for yourself and your family.