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There is perhaps no other word in the English language that creates more emotion than the word love. It also is a reciprocal word, as many folks return the phrase I love you back to the person that sent it their way. Of course, love is also used to express how folks feel about inanimate objects, places, etc. With Valentine’s Day upon us, we are feeling the love and we thought it was a great time to tell all of our customers how much we love them and their continued support of Mast Heating & Cooling. Thank you and we look forward to continued service in the great communities of Grand Rapids, Holland and Zeeland for years to come.

The biggest reason Mast Heating & Cooling is one of the most respected and successful HVAC companies in Western Michigan is because of our greatest resource: our employees. From our management, administration and support staff, to our professionally-licensed Holland HVAC technicians, we are always looking for staff members who are the best of the best. Our employees will frequently validate what we believe: Mast Heating & Cooling is the best company to work for. But don’t take it from us, here’s what a few of the quality folks who work at Mast Heating & Cooling have to say:

“Mast Heating & Cooling is a great company. It all starts out right at the top with Brian – he’s a very personable owner. I don’t know of any other place (where) the owner of the company is so gracious and giving,” said Jim Potter.

“Really love working (here). Brian is a good boss and we’ve got a good crew of guys here. Everybody gets along and hangs out,” said Jon Wolters.

Speaking of the boss, Mast Heating & Cooling President, Brian Holt knows the key to success lies with his exceptional workforce; and a main company goal is to make Mast Heating & Cooling an enticing, enjoyable and rewarding place to work.

“There are such great opportunities for young people,” said Holt. “They have been pigeon-holed into 4-year degrees in business, in computers and the like, and the trades are so much more fun. You’re not in an office, you’re out and about all day and you’re dealing with different people all day. You’re using multiple skill sets.”

Mast Heating & Cooling also makes sure employees receive the latest in technology and HVAC industry training and certification, so they are ready to deliver the best customer service around. So, it you want to feel a little of the love this Valentine’s Day and beyond, call us to today to find out more about career opportunities. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!