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Efficient Operation of Your Snow Melting System

Some people like to shovel snow. It’s good exercise, they say. Gives me a sense of accomplishment, they say. Good chore for my kids, they say. OK, I get it, but in my book, snow removal is a back-breaking exercise in futility (it will snow again, right?). I admit this may be overly-dramatic, but I think an excellent alternative to shoveling the white stuff is melting it when it hits the ground. That’s why today, we’re going to touch on the benefits of a radiant snowmelt system and how to keep it operating the way it should.


Radiant heating technology involves installing a system of pipes in the flooring or your home. Warm water is then circulated through the pipe system, turning your floor into a radiator of sorts. This technology brings the heat directly to the areas you need it most. It can also be installed underneath your driveway and other outdoor surfaces as part of a hydronic radiant snowmelt system. Electric snowmelt systems utilize heating elements embedded in the concrete. When activated, these systems will heat those surfaces and melt away the snow. As you can imagine, with the amount of snow we get here in the Zeeland and Grand Rapids areas, a system that will automatically melt snow on the surfaces we need clear and dry means you can hang up that snow shovel and turn off the snowblower.

Mast Heating & Cooling are the radiant snowmelt experts in Western Michigan, with plenty of experience in snowmelt system installation and service. Here are a few things you need to know to keep your snowmelt system running efficiently during the upcoming winter months:

Don’t wait until the snow falls

Most snowmelt systems lose their efficiency the more the snow accumulates. Turn your system on when the white stuff first starts falling, or better yet, shortly before it does. This will give your system time to heat up the driveway, sidewalk, etc. and more efficiently melt snow.

Consider an automated system

Your snowmelt system can be set up with sensors that will detect moisture and temperature decreases and automatically activate the system. Of course, we also offer a WiFi system, meaning you can activate it from remote on your electronic devices.


If you are using an electronic system, inspect the control wiring and switches. A hydronic system requires a bit more maintenance involving monitoring the tube system for leaks, etc. and maintaining proper heating fluid levels.

Are you ready to set yourself free from snow shoveling or blowing? Call the professionals at Mast Heating & Cooling today and learn all about radiant snowmelt systems … your back will thank you! Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.