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FAQ’S on Marine HVACR

Summer is the time when everyone wants to get away for the weekend. We’re always hearing about trips to a cabin, usually at a lake and the trip may include time on a boat.

For others, it’s a trip to the boat because the boat is their cabin. It shouldn’t surprise you, especially with Lake Michigan so close, a lot of folks use their boat as a 2nd home.

Mast Heating & Cooling should be your first call for any marine air conditioner needs. You won’t find another HVACR (the ‘R’ is for refrigeration) company in Holland, Grand Rapids, and surrounding area with more marine expertise.

While many of the principles are the same, boats do have unique heating and cooling needs. Here are just a few of the questions we hear from boat owners.

Why should I make sure my boat has adequate ventilation?

The short answer is for some of the same reasons your home needs ventilation, but even more so because boats are always in a wet environment. The reasons include:

  • Reduce humidity levels below deck when the boat is left unattended
  • Keep the air from getting musty because moisture and humidity are trapped in the boat
  • Help electronics and fabrics last longer by maintaining a drier climate

Do I need a boat air conditioner?

Mast Heating & Cooling can’t really answer that question for you. It’s one you have to answer for yourself. You know how uncomfortable it can be on the boat when it’s hot and humid. Our point is you may not need an air conditioner, but it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy having it.

Mast Heating & Cooling features marine air conditioners by MarineAire and Cruise Air. Both are recognized as industry leaders. There are models to fit every size and type of boat. Mast Heating & Cooling can help you determine what size is best for you and design your custom system from top to bottom.

The refrigerator on our boat stopped working. Can you help us?

The answer is absolutely yes. Our technicians are trained to service all brands of marine refrigerators and ice makers. If you need a new refrigerator Mast Heating & Cooling features a complete line from Nova Kool and Adler Barbour.

Ice can also be critical when you’re using a boat as a 2nd home. Not only to keep your drinks cold, but to preserve those Walleye and trout. Mast Heating & Cooling carries a line of marine icemakers from Uline to complement your refrigerator.

Whatever your question, rest assured our technicians will answer it for you, or find someone who can. In the last half-century, Mast Heating & Cooling has built the largest marine HVACR business in the Great Lakes area. Another way of saying you can count on us to keep your weekend boating getaways cool and comfortable.