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I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to start thinking about winter just yet. However, the calendar says we have entered autumn and we all know what comes next: winter. It won’t be long until the mild fall weather is replaced by plunging temperatures, snow and ice and … well, you get the picture.

This means that it is time to start planning heating maintenance. Making sure your home’s furnace and overall heating system is ready for the cold weather months is crucial in Western Michigan, where Mother Nature is not very forgiving. Here at Mast Heating & Cooling, our HVAC professionals stand ready to help you make sure your furnace is in top working condition. The best way to prevent a breakdown is with regular maintenance, so call us today to find out more about our maintenance agreement. Your membership includes twice-a-year system check-ups, free standard 1-inch air filters, and 15% off all parts. Comfort Club membership means you won’t pay any after-hours or overtime service call fees and your name will be moved to the top of the service call priority list.

Our furnace inspection and tune-up will give your system a thorough once-over as we will check, clean and lubricate all moving parts and make sure all gas or electric connections are secure. We will also inspect your thermostat and duct system and check carbon monoxide levels to make sure your furnace is properly vented.

Meanwhile, here are a few handy homeowner furnace tips to help with maintenance throughout the season:

  • Change the furnace filters. The frequency of air filter replacement usually depends on the quality and brand of the filter, but generally speaking they should be inspected and changed every other month.
  • Basic furnace cleaning. While the heavy-duty cleaning should be performed by one of our professionally-licensed HVAC technicians, there are a few things homeowners can do in-between regularly scheduled maintenance calls:
  1. Clean the vents. Clean the surface debris, then remove the vent cover and clean the inside using a vacuum extension.
  2. Scheduling an air duct cleaning is also a good idea for a deeper cleaning of your home’s ductwork system.

These tips should help your system keep running smoothly and efficiently but remember: your system should be inspected and professionally by qualified service technicians, so let Mast Heating & Cooling take care of your furnace and give you peace of mind. Call us today!