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Give the Gift of Infrared Comfort to the Hobbyist in Your Family

What’s your favorite hobby? Working on old cars or tractors? Woodworking? Ceramics? Arts & Crafts? Whatever the hobby, chances are good that you use your garage as your workshop. Not very practical during a Michigan winter is it? If you want to give the hobby enthusiast in your family the ultimate Christmas gift, call Mast Heating & Cooling with offices in Grand Rapids and Holland to talk with us about an infrared heater. You’ll be giving the gift of comfort.

Most infrared heaters use natural gas, but propane works as well. They are available in various sizes depending on how large the area is you’re trying to heat. If you have a nearby gas line, the installation is quite easy. If you’re going to need a gas line installation, then make sure you call Mast Heating & Cooling in plenty of time so the heater can be ready to use when Christmas arrives. For safety, the heater also needs to be vented to the outside.

There are also forced air heating units designed to be used in shops and garages, but the radiant heat from an infrared heater has several advantages:

  • No blowing air
  • Forced air stirs up sawdust
  • Dust is a big problem for painting or staining
  • Warms your shop up more quickly

Generally, the upfront cost of an infrared radiant heater is a little bit higher than a forced air unit, but the monthly utility costs for infrared are lower. In fact, in some cases owners have reported a 30% to 50% savings on fuel during the course of a year when they switched from a forced air garage heater to infrared. The infrared works on the same principle as any other form of radiant heat. The infrared waves warm objects, which in turn give off heat to the surrounding air. It does not warm the air directly.

Mast Heating & Cooling knows the challenges of heating in Grand Rapids, MI, especially in a garage. Call us now to learn more about how we can help you turn that unheated garage into a productive workshop for your favorite hobby just in time for Christmas. Making you comfortable has been the goal of Mast Heating & Cooling since opening our doors in 1956, and let’s face it, trying operate tools while wearing gloves and a snowmobile suit isn’t comfortable