running a finger over a filter

How To Clean Or Replace Your HVAC Filters

Mast Heating & Cooling wants to make sure our customers’ furnaces are ready for the winter weather ahead. If you have checked in with us here for any length of time, you have probably noticed that one of our constant messages is this: make sure you regularly clean and replace your HVAC system’s air filters. In fact, we can’t stress enough the importance of this. Clean air filters allow your system to breathe the way it should and operate efficiently.


Cleaning/changing your air filter is a relatively simple project, but there are a few things to know and rules to follow before you tackle the job.

  1. Refer to your furnace owner’s manual to see what type and size of the filter is recommended. Also, if your system is covered by a warranty, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you don’t have a manual, you will need to remove the old filter to determine the type/size. Make sure you replace the old filter with a new one that is the correct size; too big or too small, and it could result in debris, dirt, etc. getting into your system.
  2. Turn your system off before you start on anything or remove panels
  3. Find the filter. Most furnaces operate the same way: air is brought into the ductwork system, filtered, then heated in the furnace and sent back out through the ductwork. The furnace filter will be located between the incoming ductwork and the furnace.
  4. Remove the old filter and replace it with a new one. Make sure the arrows on the filter are pointing towards the furnace.
  5. If your filter is a washable one, there may be no need to replace it. Simply take it into the shower or outside and gently spray it clean. Make sure you spray it in the opposite direction of the airflow. Allow the filter to dry before replacing it.
  6. Need help? Give the HVAC pros at Mast Heating & Cooling a call and we will be glad to come out and replace your old filter and show you the basics.


Changing your air filters regularly will also help improve your home’s indoor air quality. Many recent studies suggest that oftentimes, the air quality inside our homes can be unhealthier than outside. This can be caused by pollutants and contaminants that are circulated throughout the home via our HVAC system and accelerate allergy symptoms and other respiratory issues. Clean air filters help take those contaminants out of the air. Mast Heating & Cooling also offers many IAQ solutions, including purifiers and humidifiers by Trane and Aprilaire, that help keep your family healthy.

Winter in West Michigan and the surrounding areas can be hard on your furnace, so make sure you keep those air filters clean. And call your friends at Mast Heating & Cooling for regular maintenance or any heating and cooling issues. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!