a technician inspecting an air conditioner

How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Summer

The calendar says summer does not start until June 21, but we all know the official beginning of summer is Memorial Day weekend. This holiday is fast approaching and with it comes all the fun that summer brings: baseball, summer vacations and ā€“ attention Western Michigan Lakeshore residents ā€“ boating.

While Mast Heating & Cooling is as excited as everyone else in the Holland, Zeeland and Grand Rapids, MI areas that summer is here, we want to make sure our customers have taken the necessary steps to get their HVAC systems ready for summer. Your HVAC system has taken a beating the past several months and is likely in need of some seasonal maintenance. Give us a call today to schedule an HVAC tune-up.

Our professionally-licensed technicians will give your system a thorough once-over and pay special attention to:

Refrigerant Levels

We will check to make sure your air conditioner is properly charged and make sure there are no costly and damaging refrigerant leaks.


This is the command center for your system and when it is not functioning properly, your system is in disarray. This can lead to uneven cooling and erratic utility bills. If your thermostat needs replacing, our technicians can tell you all about our programmable Trane and Honeywell solutions.

Condenser Coils

The outdoor unit coils get clogged up with gunk during the winter and need to be hosed and cleaned off.

In the meantime, here are a few things you can do yourself: change your air filter and remove debris from around the outdoor unit. Air filter maintenance is crucial to good airflow and air quality, while removing leaves, branches and other yard waste from the outdoor condenser until will help it run more efficiently. Of course, if your system is in need of replacement, Mast Heating & Cooling is here to help with that, too. A new Trane system will be more efficient and environmentally-friendly and will help save on utility bills.

Summer is here and your HVAC unit is getting ready for a big workload. Call Mast Heating & Cooling today so we can help you get it ready and donā€™t forget to ask us about our Maintenance Plan. Benefits include annual HVAC tune-ups, priority service and discounts on parts and labor!