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Turn that diploma into an HVAC career

The strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” (the graduation march) are echoing in gymnasiums and stadiums across the country. Our heartfelt congratulations to all of this year’s graduates. Now comes the tough part: turning that diploma into a job and career capable of providing a comfortable future.

This is where Mast Heating & Cooling can help. Our industries have the help wanted signs out to find bright and talented candidates who want to work as HVAC service repair and installation technicians.

Consider these 2015 numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding jobs in the heating, cooling, and refrigeration industry:

Annual Median Pay: $45,110

Median Hourly Pay: $21.69

Projected 10-Year Growth: 14% (much faster than average)

One reason for those impressive numbers is a shortage of technical workers in our country. Analysts say it’s a growing trend, which is why so many companies are now hiring. The need among companies like Mast Heating & Cooling has never been greater.

Many young people believe their only choice is pursuing a traditional four-year degree. If that is your goal, you should do everything in your power to pursue it. But it’s not for everyone. HVAC technicians are proof there are other ways to land a good gig.

Most of our HVAC technicians and mechanics graduate from a two-year program at a trade or technical school. You will be pleasantly surprised at the life and future you can build for yourself and for your current or future family as an HVAC specialist.

There are currently growing trends of energy efficiency and pollution reduction. It’s going to take skilled workers to upgrade or replace the millions of heating and cooling units already in use. Old refrigerants like R-22 refrigerant are being phased out because of environmental damage. Companies will have to hire more trained HVAC technicians to handle the environmental policy changes and new industry innovations. All reasons why Mast Heating & Cooling believes the future is bright.

Check out the opportunities at Mast Heating & Cooling before jumping into a low-wage retail job or investing hundreds of thousands of dollars for a college degree you’re not excited about.

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