facts and myths


In Western Michigan, we have a special fondness for our heating systems. The reasons for our affection are fairly self-explanatory – especially if you have spent any time at all in Holland or Zeeland during the winter months. A great companion to our devotion to our furnaces is our expertise when it comes to HVAC systems. Here at Mast Heating & Cooling, we employ the best Holland HVAC specialists, who are verifiable experts on the heating and cooling systems they install, service and maintain.

That said, we get a big chuckle when we see or hear the plethora of myths circulating about our friend, the furnace. So, in the interest of setting the record straight about our buddy, here are a few furnace myths and what our pros have to say about them:

  1. Myth 1: Closing vents in unused rooms or spaces will save power. We wish. Actually, your system is set up to work with all vents and registers open. When you close them, it disrupts the pressure balance and results in your system working harder.
  2. Myth 2: Cranking your thermostat to the highest setting will heat your home faster. Nope. Folks, your furnace will deliver heated air at a constant rate, no matter the thermostat setting. The only result will be a too-warm home when you forget to turn the thermostat back down.
  3. Myth 3: The bigger the better. We Americans love our big cars, our big boats and our big pools. But a large HVAC system is not necessarily better. The key is in the furnace installation process. Your system needs to be tailored in size and efficiency to fit your home and installed correctly. If it’s incorrect or too big, it will actually result in inefficiency and higher utility bills.
  4. Myth 4: I can get by without regular maintenance. This is perhaps the most egregious furnace myth and here’s why. It’s easy to subscribe to the theory that if it is working fine, why mess with it. But waiting to call a service technician until you have a problem is the wrong way to go. Regular furnace maintenance will usually prevent those unexpected and costly breakdowns, keep your system running smoothly and prolong the life of the system. Change your filter furnace filters regularly and schedule maintenance with one of our licensed professionals.

Those are just a few of the myths we hear about our friend the furnace, and we are happy we were able to debunk them for you. For more furnace questions or to find out about our complete line of hard-to-stop Trane systems, call your Holland HVAC specialists at Mast. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!