Looking to cut down on utility costs? An energy audit can help

Looking to cut down on utility costs? An energy audit can help

If you’re concerned about your energy bill, you may consider having an energy audit performed on your home.

This professional evaluation will provide an in-depth look at your home to see how you can cut down your utility costs while simultaneously checking for issues like air leakage or moisture problems.

What is an energy audit?

During a professional audit, a qualified technician assesses how and where energy’s being lost in and around your home. The pro will check each room of your home, conducting a blower door test and thermographic scan to identify specific leaks. These require specialized equipment such as a calibrated fan, a pressure measuring device and an infrared camera.

What you need to do before an energy assessment

Before a professional arrives for an energy audit:

  • List the problem areas in your home, including drafts and condensation.
  • Have copies of the previous year’s utility bills to show the technician.
  • Know facts such as your average thermostat settings, how many people are in your home during the day and which rooms are used the most.

After the audit

Once the audit has been completed, the technician will have recommendations for you. It may be suggested that you improve your home’s insulation or seal up air leaks in your home. Another good idea is to sign up for a regular maintenance program so that you keep your HVAC equipment in excellent condition.

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