M-A-S-T Spells Peace of Mind

Mast Heating & Cooling opened its doors in 1956 to begin serving the HVAC needs of people in Grand Rapids and all of Southwest Michigan. More recently, we opened an office in Holland to better serve the heating and air conditioning needs of the folks who live there and in the surrounding area. Many times in the following decades we’ve been asked about the name Mast Heating & Cooling. To us, it stands for many things. Here is a brief example.

  • M Is for motherly and marine. Like your mother, we are concerned about your well-being. Since Mast Heating & Cooling opened its doors in 1956, our top priority has been solving your problems and keeping you comfortable. Isn’t that what a devoted mother is supposed to do? Marine is because we are the leading authority on heating, cooling, and refrigeration for your boat. Mast Heating & Cooling sells and services most makes and models of marine heaters, air conditioners, ice makers, refrigerators, and freezers. We can’t catch the fish for you, but we can keep you comfortable while you’re fishing and keep the catch cold until the day or weekend is done.
  • A Is for air, as in conditioning and filtration. Mast Heating & Cooling features air conditioners by Trane, the industry leader for toughness and reliability. With state-of-the-art technology these systems take comfort and efficiency to a whole new level. Air filtration is important because the EPA considers indoor air quality to be one of the top three health concerns in the country. It can be 2-5 times dirtier than the outside air. Our list of products to help with the problem includes electronic air filters, air purifiers, ultraviolet lamps, humidifiers, and ventilation systems.
  • S Is for snow melt systems to keep your driveways and parking lots free of snow and ice. Come on, admit it, you would like to make the snow shovel an antique you can tell your kids about, and sell the snow blower to make room in the garage for a new motorcycle. It’s not a dream. All you need is a radiant heating system installed under your concrete or asphalt. More importantly, a snow melt system will protect you against slip and fall lawsuits against your home or business.
  • T Is for our team. You won’t find a better team to serve your HVAC needs in all of Southwest Michigan. From the office staff, to the technicians in the field, to the owner’s office, our team is welcoming and friendly. We will make you comfortable from the first step to the last. Whatever the project, you can relax knowing our fully certified professionals know what they are doing and will stand behind their work every step of the way.

So, the next time you hear the question, “What’s in our name?” The simple answer is our reputation for putting the customer first. Call Mast Heating & Cooling today for your every HVAC need from a new refrigerator for your boat, to a boiler repair at your home in Holland, MI.