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Mast Heating & Cooling Comfort Club Brings Peace of Mind

It’s human nature to think the bad things are always going to happen to someone else. Mast Heating & Cooling hears it all the time when we talk about routine HVAC maintenance and the advantages of joining our Comfort Club, “It’ won’t happen to me. I’ve never had a problem with my heating or cooling system.”

Okay, maybe you do have a drawer full of 4-leaf clovers, but the numbers prove you can’t go through life depending on good luck to prevent the need for air conditioner and furnace repairs. There are a lot of good reasons to invest in joining the Mast Heating & Cooling Comfort Club.

These are three of the most important:

Saving Money:

  • Dirt & normal wear & tear cause systems to run inefficiently
  • A professional tune-up saves you money in two ways: Reduced utility costs and Fewer expensive repairs

System Life:

  • Properly maintained components last longer
  • Regular tune-ups mean a system doesn’t have to work as hard

Warranty Benefits:

  • Manufacturer warranties are important to protect your investment
  • Some warranties require documented routine maintenance to remain valid

When you join the Comfort Club you will receive numerous benefits:

  • After hours fees are eliminated
  • 2 Seasonal checkups (air conditioner & furnace service)
  • Free air filters
  • Priority service if you do have an emergency

When it comes to HVAC in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and all of Western Michigan, life has changed a lot in a relatively short time. Not too many decades ago, home cooling consisted of opening another window and waiting for the weather to change. In many homes, you had nothing to worry about as long as you had enough firewood to get through the winter.

No one is saying those days were better, but now we depend on the convenience and comfort of central heating and cooling. When equipment breakdowns happen, our homes can quickly get very uncomfortable. Or in the case of a Michigan winter, downright dangerous.

No HVAC company can completely eliminate the risk that you will need air conditioning or heating repairs, but membership in the Mast Heating & Cooling Comfort Club will help turn the odds in your favor. Call Mast Heating & Cooling right now to find out how easy and cost effective it is to get peace of mind.