a marine AC system


Here in Western Michigan, summertime on the lake is a way of life. For many folks, it doesn’t get much better than spending a summer afternoon or weekend on their boat on Lake Michigan. If you are one of those folks, keeping your boat in tip-top shape is important to you. This means when it gets hot and muggy out on the lake during the heat of the summer, you want your boat’s air conditioner at the top of its game.

Your friends at Mast Heating & Cooling know that one of the main systems on your boat is your marine AC unit. That’s why we are the top marine HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) specialists for the greater Holland and Zeeland, MI and the Western Michigan Lakeshore areas. We offer a complete line of Marine Aire and Dometic (formerly Cruise Air) systems. However, before we get to which model, we always want to make sure our customers know what to consider when selecting air conditioning for their boat. There are many options to choose from when considering AC installations:

Self-Contained AC Units

These are typically the go-to models for boats up to 40 feet. All components are assembled into one unit, which can be stored under a bunk or in a locker and is fueled by a refrigerant.

Split Systems

Found on boats up to 80 feet in length, these systems feature separate condensing and evaporating units (similar to centralized home AC systems), that also use refrigerant.

Chilled Water System

Typically found on large boats and yachts, these systems use a water loop which utilizes freshly chilled water to provide climate controlled air.

Determining which one to go with is dependent on a few factors. A good place to start is the size (capacity) of the air conditioning unit you need. Mast Heating & Cooling’s marine AC professionals will inspect and analyze your boat’s system and make a recommendation, based on a few key factors: the square footage of the three main areas of your boat – below-deck, mid-deck, and above-deck – and the load factor (BTUs per square foot per hour) needed to climate control your boat. We can then help you make a good choice for the right capacity and model that will fit your needs.

Boating season is nearly upon us, friends and Mast Heating & Cooling stands ready and able to help you make sure your boat’s marine AC system is ready to go. Give us a call for your HVACR installation and service needs and don’t’ forget to visit us on Facebook and Twitter.