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Mast Heating & Cooling Can End Thermostat Family Bickering

Here’s a common conversation we hear about a lot:

She says, “Honey, turn the heat up. I’m out here in the living room reading a magazine. My fingers are turning blue and my nose is cold.”

He responds with, “What do you mean? Are you crazy? I’m in the family room watching TV in my boxers and T-shirt and I’m still sweating all over the place.”

Sound familiar year-round in your home?

Mast Heating & Cooling hears complaints about hot spots and cold spots frequently. Clients complain one room is too hot while another is too cold.

Even with the technological advances in the heating and cooling industry, the problem does happen. There are ways our professional technicians can help you end this seemingly never-ending family feud.


Consider adding ductless mini-split heat pumps to supplement your current system. They are also called ventless air conditioners, but using heat pump technology they can be used for heating as well.

As the name implies, mini splits deliver the conditioned air directly to a specific room without going through any kind of ductwork. There can be as many as four indoor air handlers connected to one outside condenser. The indoor units can heat or cool a specific room. Each of them can be set to different temperatures.


If, for whatever reason, mini splits are not an option, then system-wide zoning might be a good option as part of your current HVAC system. You can connect multiple thermostats to one control panel. The thermostats control dampers inside your ducts allowing you to direct more or less heating or cooling to specific areas in the home.

Because this is also considered an energy saving improvement, you might be able to write off some of the expense on your taxes. Make sure to check with your accountant as it depends on your location and the specific system you install.


In some cases, the fault may lie with the ductwork on your central systems. For some reason the proper amount of air may not be getting to some rooms in your house. Mast Heating & Cooling will test the ducts for leaks and make sure they are the right size for your system.

A central system can lose as much as 30% of its efficiency as the conditioned air is delivered to the different rooms.

If you’re ready to end thermostat warfare in your home, now is the time to get help from our professional technicians at Mast Heating & Cooling—the perfect choice for all of your service, repair, and maintenance needs.