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When it comes to climate control in your home, it’s easy to be impatient. In other words, when it’s hot, you want it cooler and vice versa. And you want it done as quickly as possible. But it’s important to remember that heating and cooling your home is a marathon, not a sprint. Remember the tale of the tortoise and the hare? Your HVAC system is most efficient when it runs at a slower speed, maintained over a longer period of time. Slow and steady uses less energy and produces a more consistent climate.

Many of the technological advances we have seen in the HVAC industry in recent years are of course aimed at higher efficiency. How can we produce the heating and cooling we desire while at the same time using less energy? One way this is being accomplished is through variable speed heat pumps and air conditioners. These systems use electricity to transfer heated air from a cool space to a warm space, which results in cooling the air in the cool space and heating the air in the warm space. They do not generate heat, which means they can provide climate control significantly cheaper and more efficiently than traditional HVAC systems. Variable speed technology allows the system to run at exactly the speed it needs to based on your home’s needs. Once the desired temperature is reached, a variable speed heat pump or A/C will run at the lowest speed possible to deliver consistent, energy-efficient climate control.

At Mast Heating & Cooling, we strive to invest in and offer our customers in the Holland and Zeeland areas the most options in controls and technologically efficient systems. This means our professional service technicians require constant training to keep up with all the latest and greatest, including variable speed heat pumps and compressors. We are committed to employing the best service technicians and all are North American Technician Excellence Certified. We are proud to feature the installation, service and repair of Trane systems. We also service and repair all other brands of HVAC equipment.

So, remember, slow and steady is not a bad thing when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Call Mast Heating & Cooling today to find out more about how a variable speed heat pump or A/C system can deliver this consistent climate control for your home!