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What Your Home AC Tune-Up Should Include

It is June already, and that means some good old West Michigan heat is on the way. Which begs this question: is your home’s HVAC system – more specifically, your air conditioner – ready for the elevated temperatures and high humidity? If you don’t have a rock-solid answer to that question, or you just realized you have not had an AC tuneup yet this season, you may want to give us a call. Here at Mast Heating & Cooling, which has provided HVAC maintenance to the Zeeland, Holland and Grand Rapids, MI areas for more than three decades, our HVAC technicians stand ready to give your air conditioning system some tender-loving-care and get it ready to take on the Western Michigan summer.

However, before you call us, here is what you should expect to receive when you hire a contractor for an AC tune-up:

Replace/Clean Air Filters

Always one of the first things on the list.

Inspect/Tighten Electrical Connections

Not only will this keep the juice going where it needs to, but it will also help prevent against potential fire-inducing sparks caused by faulty or loose connections.

Clean/Lubricate All Moving Parts

This includes your blower belt and motor

Clean Your Condenser Coils

The condenser sits outside, so you can imagine the amount of dirt, etc. which gathers on the coils. Cleaning them off allows the condenser to breathe and run more efficiently.

Checking the Refrigerant Levels

If your refrigerant levels are off, it may not only be costing you money, but it can damage your system as well.

Inspect and Clean the Condensate Drain

This allows your evaporator to function properly and can prevent water-damaging blockages and overflows in your home.

Of course, when calling your friends at Mast Heating & Cooling, you will receive all of this and more, including the utmost in customer service and professionalism. Call our air conditioning pros today and schedule HVAC maintenance for your system. Your air conditioner will be happy and so will you! Be sure to like Mast Heating & Cooling on Facebook and follow us on Twitter as well.