2 pairs of feet
  • Warm winter floors
  • No noisy fan blowing air
  • Temperature control for individual rooms
  • No snow and ice on the sidewalk & driveway
  • Say goodbye to back-breaking shoveling and the snow blower not starting

Anyway you cut it, that’s a pretty impressive checklist. You can check off each of those items by calling Mast Heating & Cooling to learn about the luxury of radiant heating in your home and outside the house.

There’s no better way to provide comfort than warm radiant floors. Warm water circulates through durable PEX tubing encased in the floor, turning it into a radiator. The warmth is transmitted upward from the floor and heats the objects and people in the room, keeping the heat where you need it most.

If you are remodeling or building a new home, radiant floor heat is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to forced air heating. Think about the luxury of getting out of bed on a cold winter morning and putting your bare feet on a nice warm floor. It can also improve your indoor air quality because blowers and fans aren’t spreading allergens throughout the home while moving the heated air.

Now imagine the same type of system installed under your sidewalks, driveway, or the parking lot of your business.

A radiant snow melt system from Mast Heating & Cooling makes life easier and safer:

  • No snow & ice means fewer accidents
  • Surfaces dry more quickly, reducing chances of injuries
  • Lowered risk of facing liability lawsuits
  • Systems meet Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines

You don’t have to do a thing except wait for the snow to fall. The programmable controller detects snow and ice and keeps the system running until the surface is clear. How good are you going to feel when you hang up that snow shovel for good? Go ahead, sell the snow blower to make room in the garage for a new snowmobile, or maybe a motorcycle for the summer.

Call Mast Heating & Cooling today to find out how affordable
the luxury of radiant heating and snow melt systems can be.

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