Reliable & Efficient Furnace Systems

Depend on Mast Heating & Cooling for Reliable & Efficient Furnace Systems

Variable speed. Multi-stage. Are we talking about rockets? No, we’re talking about furnaces and that should give you some idea of the recent advances in heating technology. Mast Heating & Cooling is proud to sell Trane furnaces for residential and commercial applications. Their variable speed and multi-stage gas furnaces represent the perfect combination of efficient fuel usage, precise temperature control, and intelligent design.

Reliable & Efficient Furnace Systems

What it means for you is an end to the problem of uneven heating. No more is there a back bedroom that’s always too hot. A family room that’s too cold. Trane’s variable speed furnaces offer an undeniably higher comfort level in every room of your home. They continuously deliver the correct amount of airflow during heating or cooling. The motor automatically varies its speed between zero and maximum, starting slowly and then ramping up to the speed the installer has selected.

And it’s not just comfort. Variable speed systems can also be incredibly efficient to operate. In continuous fan mode, the operating costs for a variable speed motor can be 90% less than a standard motor. Variable speed blower operation uses less electricity than a 100-watt light bulb.

Whether you need a replacement, brand new installation or furnace repair, Grand Rapids, Holland, Zeeland, and the surrounding areas can count on Mast Heating & Cooling for quality service.

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